The Thé Dansant

Safe at Home

Since the start of lockdown, so many creative initiatives to fight isolation among the elderly have blossomed. BIG UP to all, because they all are the change we want to see in this world! While “normal life” resumes little by little in some countries, we keep hearing the same recommendations to GOLDIES (65+) : stay home as much as possible, as long as no vaccine can protect you…

The Thé Dansant “safe at home” is a Belgian socio-cultural project which brings together the values ​​of Warned and Digibeta to create something unique to fight loneliness among people “at risk” who suffer the most from the lockdown. To show them how much they mean to us despite having to keep our distances.

This event invites you to put on your brightest outfit and to “dress your heart” for a festive moment, which boosts self-esteem . Our desire: to take and share pleasure, join in artistic performances and use movement to slow down the physical (cardiovascular diseases, cancer ..) and mental (Alzheimer) ageing of our guests.

Bringing together generations and creating sustainable social ties, these are the commitments of this Thé Dansant of a new kind.