Who are we?

W A R N E D – We Are Retired Not ExpireD – is an international team of multidisciplinary volunteers of all ages and various backgrounds.

Some have met through “burner” events (artistic events which share the principles and values ​​of the American Burning Man festival: openness, radical expression, gift, respect for others and their environment, self-reliance, civic responsibility …), others have a more entrepreneurial background, others from the medical world … Their common point? The strong desire to reactivate their beloved GOLDIES (65+) socially, professionally and emotionally.

This fine team has already developed the The Dansant “Don’t you dare call us old” a great success that brought together physically many Belgian Goldies!

To sparkle the lives of our senior citizens with a social Thé Dansant was only the first step : there is much more than that behind WARNED ! If you want to know more, share or support this cool project : it’s here or on our facebook page to follow our many initiatives.